The Center of Faith Youth Department is devoted to the spiritual development, educational improvement, and social involvement of our young people. With a wide-range of Biblical based activities and Educational information, it is our mission to build young people of purpose, power, and praise. Our weekly Bible Study on Tuesday night is designed to instill the Christian values needed to ensure our young people have the tools necessary to make the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, develop their witness to their friends and family, and be productive, positive members of society.

We encourage all young people to attend an institution of higher-learning with the notion that this decision will allow them the opportunity to achieve their life’s goals while fulfilling the call of God on their lives. We support extra-curricular activities and sponsor a summer program that’s full of exciting and new challenges for our young people. Our staff has your child’s best interest at heart and we will do everything in our power to support the ideals of our church, and our Pastor’s vision.

Know that when you bring your child to our church that they will not only be given biblical teaching that aligns with the overall scope of our church; but they will truly be shown the love of Christ is a way that reflects God’s love for us. And on top of that, they will do the thing that all kids love to do… HAVE FUN!!


Elder Ty Somerville

Center of Faith Youth Pastor